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  The development of modern stone mining industry is an important problem of mining method

Stone mining method selection is correct or not, the ore is the key factor for success. Because the mining methods related to the mine productivity, quality, specifications stone Huangliao stone Huangliao production cost, resource utilization, crushed waste residue, the natural ecological environment influence, agricultural production and village life safety. If we disregard and above each content, criterion mine to survive is not possible. Therefore, stone mines need standardization construction, more need to adopt the advanced mining method.

Current situation of mine of material of our country stone

Mine of material of our country stone number, but the standardization construction, mechanization mines is not much, most occurrences or the use of pond mouth type primitive method of mining. This is industry of lumber of our country stone heavy processing, light and the formation of the situation of mine. Because the stone material mine located in remote and a mountainous area, external conditions, involving the affairs, long construction period, investment risk is big, relatively hard coal mining. Therefore, investors are willing to invest the money to build processing plants rather than mine. The stone blocks market regardless of size specifications, quality are not anxious market. While the local villagers open mine, advance could not do geological work, not engage in planning and design, several people or a dozen people together, have air compressors, rock drilling machine, trolleys, tripod crane can drilling and blasting mining. Therefore, produces very low, produced a small amount of irregular blocks removed, the remaining large amounts of waste slag in situ, abandon. They employed guerrilla tactics, a mine all around the pond, all over the mountains and plains are waste slag. According to the data show that: tong mouth type blasting mining Huangliao stone, its rate is in commonly 4%. - 6% between, of mechanization degree of good mining area, also won't exceed 10%, the remaining 90% of the resources in the process of exploitation has become a waste slag. Because the single human handling, they can not be substantial overlying soil, waste rock, slag removal, no ability will be a large number of covering soil, waste rock, slag concentration stacked integrated hill, but local tiled emissions in the mountain slope, a large area of vegetation were destroyed. They take profit of stone to a limited number of geological reserves, only the surface layer is not very good very small part, and the deep really good ore bodies, they can't get to, nor let later generations to mining, they have been damaged or buried away. This situation is not individual phenomenon, but the distant, small owners caused by various risks, a show out, unlike small coalpit, person fatal accident, the social impact of large; stone mines are open pit mining, person fatal accident is relatively small, social influence. However, disordered mining stone mine, causing the loss of resources and damage to the environment as much as or even more than the small coalpit, the result will be no end of trouble for the future.

China stone material industry association chairman Zou Chuansheng inspects Hubei in Sichuan, many mine is emphasized: " get rid of traditional and original way, the development of modern stone mining." This is no doubt to the stone material mine owners who sounded the alarm, calling them " mine to the overall planning and design", he also pointed out that " mining area design and planning is a few years hundreds of years of project, stone mining design needs to have a professional design units and personnel to operate, the owners into the design of overall planning, not only can reflect the owners hope to achieve, and the specific conditions of mine to make scientific mining scheme", such ability make mine as soon as possible to get rid of disorderly exploitation of chaos.

Foreign mining level and our country to have the conditions and gap

Foreign mining level can be imported from surface mining Huangliao left traces of a general idea. Because they have complete sets of stone mining equipment, stone mining also are willing to adopt the advanced mining equipment. Therefore, they are in accordance with the mine mining equipment requirement to scientific, standardized construction. The mine will have two independent development system and earth system. Development system to create material production equipment import and blocks out of the path; dumping system for expelling out. Dump design in mining realm and does not affect the ecological environment of the one or more places, will waste, slag, covering soil respectively focus stacking at designated locations, but also take measures to ensure the future will not have trouble. Mining field to form extraction step, step number and parameters should be determined according to mine production and mining equipment and mining equipment production efficiency, easy to properly play. In the mining steps disintegration, separation, plastic blocks methods are simple and unified, which blocks all the diamond rope saw cutting and into, or stepped bottom plane ( plane) using diamond wire saw cutting, the remaining two vertical rows of holes with dense with splitting apart. To cherish stone resources, protect the ecological environment, abroad already eliminated any form of blasting method.

China stone mining technology level compared with foreign countries there is a big gap. But from at present, the gap is not in the mining equipment, because of our country has been able to produce a full set of advanced stone production equipment, such as drilling equipment, lifting equipment, diamond rope saw, chain saw, diamond wire arm and other machinery, but gaps in the scientific, standardized construction of stone material mine awareness. Therefore must change heavy processing, light mine wrong idea, to be aware of the limited resources of the stone is not the generation of the wealth, it cannot regenerate, picking out a bit less, conserve resources, protect resources is everyone's responsibility.

Heavy process, light mine is the development of stone industry through road. Building stone processing plant, we must first consider the construction of its own raw material base, stone processing and stone mining ability to match, can guarantee the continuous development of stone industry. China has possessed the modernization, standardization of stone mining technical conditions and the level of knowledge, it is to get rid of the traditional of the original way, the development of modern stone mining auspicious period, using our own production of complete sets of production equipment, to choose a suitable characteristic of mine mining method, it is our country stone mine owners the way to survival and development.

Three kinds of mining methods for technical and economic index

From imports Huangliao mining traces left on the surface,

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