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  Stone machinery need how to maintenance and maintenance

Sawing machine during use, there should be a strict maintenance system.

1, must be strictly in accordance with requirements of lubrication oil oiling.

2, check all kinds of fasteners are loosen or not, should ensure the fastening.

In 3, replacing the diamond circular saw, saw blade should detect run-out, new saw blade must not exceed 0.8mm, complex welding saw blade must not exceed 1.5mm.

4, check the triangle belt tightness is moderate, there is no slip phenomenon, whether aging. If sometimes should be adjusted or replaced.

5, check the centralized lubricating oil flow.

6, check the control cabinet of the electrical components, wiring screws are loosened, the action is sensitive.

In 7, when the correct cutting is the centre of gravity of smooth, Huangliao bottom must have10 ~ 40mm.

8, check whether there is water leakage of main spindle box, such as the discovery of sometimes should immediately find out the cause, take measures, and to change oil.

9, check whether the electrical safety grounding.

10, check the motion guide strip gap is appropriate.


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